Omaha Valley Cemetery Association

Help preserve history and honor our loved ones. Support Omaha Valley Cemetery today with your generous donation. Together, let's ensure a peaceful resting place for generations to come.

Essential Guidelines for Cemetery Owners: Preserving Legacies and Maintaining a Serene Resting Place.

  • Lots are currently selling for $750 each. For more information on location and availability please contact us.
  • It is highly recommended to consider acquiring a grave marker or stone for your loved ones who are buried in the cemetery. The presence of numerous unmarked graves poses significant challenges for the locator when someone passes away, making it essential to establish clear identification for each resting place.
  • To ensure that your family members receive our mailing, kindly provide us with their names and addresses. This will enable us to include them in our correspondence. Additionally, you have the option to sign up for our newsletter directly on our website.
  • It is crucial to securely store your cemetery deeds. These significant records serve as evidence of your ownership and indicate the specific lot number designated for burial purposes.
  • The upkeep and maintenance of grave markers fall under the responsibility of the owner of the respective lot.
  • To ensure unobstructed mowing, it is advised to utilize durable, unbreakable containers for decorations. These containers should be removed by June 10th. Any remaining decorations and items not placed on the stone foundation will be cleared during the cemetery cleanup following this date.

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Mailing Address

Omaha Valley Cemetery Association
Box 32, Homer, NE 68030

Board Of Directors

Michelle Kolker – President
Lisa Boneschans – Vice President
Bonnie Belongea – Secretary
Connie Schoenberner – Treasurer

Jeb Archer
Ed Matney
Lynn Krause
Mike Byroad

Dena McRoberts
Paula Eriksen
Molly Hildebrand
Paula Eriksen